Hot Streaks and Achievements

  • CBB 8-3 (73%) Run
  • NBA 31-22 (58%) Run
  • NHL 3-1 (75%) Run


With sports betting now legal in more than two dozen states and sharper lines from the sportsbooks, we see a future where those who are handicapping sports without advanced analytics and data-driven strategies will be left behind.

To keep providing the best picks possible to our clients, we decided to create our own infrastructure for data analysis and pick selection as an additional service to our independent handicapper selections.

We use data integration, search, discovery, and knowledge management in collaboration with our in-house handicappers. By isolating relevant trends and targeting only lines with positive expected value above a certain threshold, our data-driven picks promise to outperform any and all human competitors. Moneyline, spreads, runline, puckline totals etc, our model can handle it all.

What sports do we bet on?

Our models have proven to be highly effective for NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB and College Sports. We also provide data driven picks for niche sports such as Soccer, MMA, Tennis, Golf, etc.

What are our handicapping systems/methods?

Our models are designed to spot statistical anomalies that might not be as obvious to the human eye. Our goal is to isolate teams that are overrated or underrated to a degree that the odds offered appear to be in direct contrast with the most probable outcome.

What is our strategy for pick rating and bankroll management?

We assign a star rating from 1-10 for each of our data driven picks. Typically these picks will be rated at least 5* and as high as 10*.

We recommend a wager size of 2% of your bankroll for a 5* play and 4% for a 10* play.

What can you expect for pick volume and release time?

Our models look to take advantage of soft lines, and these are typically more available when betting well in advance.

Our NFL picks will come out early in the week, and NBA, NHL and MLB picks will come out overnight.

The number of picks released per day will be totally dependent on what the data tells us, however you can expect an average of 3-5 picks per day once the regular season is in full swing and there is enough data available.

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