Hot Streaks and Achievements

  • **13-7 RUN IN TOTALS NBA 2024! **100% PERFECT MONDAY NBA!
  • **8-2 MLB RUN! **2-2 NHL PLAYOFFS!
  • *46-20-1 RUN IN **10-STAR PLAYS 2023/24! **13-5-1 RUN IN UFL!


From playing sports to betting sports, Jackie Mack has been coming up with winning strategies for over 20 years. Jackie has a Bachelor Degree with minors in Statistics and Economics, and her prior study of statistics and probabilities has helped her develop her skill and hone her accuracy into becoming an exceptional handicapper. Jackie has taken the emotion out of betting and approaches handicapping with just the statistics and analytics to come up with profitable returns for clients. Mack has been able to identify the constantly changing trends, and can gauge patterns and other relevant factors in all sports she follows to improve and perfect her handicapping technique so that betting for clients is a profitable investment rather than a gamble.

Jackie is constantly looking for an edge or an opportunity on mispriced odds to capitalize on and has combined all her techniques into one successful betting system that has generated long term profit not only for herself, but for her clients as well over the years.

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