Hot Streaks and Achievements

  • WHITE HOT 7-3 (70%) ALL MLB IN JULY!
  • 59-43 (+$13,000) NFL (10-4 in Playoffs) + 54-38 (+$12,340) NCAAF = +$25K ALL FOOTBALL 2023/24!


 Veteran handicapper Nick Parsons has been involved in the industry both as one of the World's leading sports prognosticating experts (in every major sport over the course of the last 20 years!), and he's also worked behind the scenes with some of the biggest companies and players in the market as well. 

A "contrarian" at heart, Nick has always felt that being flexible with your approach when it comes to handicapping is the best way to secure profits over the short, mid, and long term. Parsons doesn't limit himself to any sort of bet, or style of wagering. If he sees value in a pick, whether it's an underdog or a favorite, then he plays it. His succinct and no "B.S." approach, while also always being fully accountable, is what his growing list of satisfied clients has grown to appreciate the most.

Parsons plays all the major North American sports. He's also big into Soccer. He's also dabbled in NASCAR, MMA, Boxing, and E-Sports. As mentioned above, the bottom line is that he's all about finding value wherever he can.

Nick's been in the trenches fighting the books every single day for the last 20 years. He's never once pretended that any part of this industry is "easy." It's not. But you can put his invaluable experience to work for you, as 2023 and 2024 have massive potential for this industry icon!

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