Hot Streaks and Achievements

  • #1 in WNBA this season over 60% winners
  • #1 NFL Pre Season capper last season
  • 45-28-1 60% in NFL since September 11th


Kevin Thomas has been capping for well over 17 years and in that time he's learned one thing: how to be successful.  He's served four years in the military and still studies physical therapy making several friends on small D1 schools.  He gives out all winners daily, no days off in his life.  Depending on the number of games it could be 1-10.  During his career, he's forged relations with other top cappers and many people behind the scenes. His circle includes many pro cappers, trainers and physical therapists on many small colleges and some pro teams. Tons of research goes into every play to give his clients the best opportunity for PROFIT.

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