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Meraki Sports Analytics (aka. MSA)

Meraki - to do task with soul, creativity and love

If you haven't heard of Meraki Sports Analytics, you most certainly will soon. Having previously worked for some of the biggest names in the business, the MSA crew is excited to step out on its own. Young, hungry and aggressive, this is a handicapping team ready to make some serious noise. Here's a little of what you can expect.

Handicapping Philosophy: Know the teams and players better than the bookmaker. Creatively thinking outside of the box. Look for angles that others may not consider. Diligently search for value. Passion in every play.

Sports Covered: If you can bet on a sport, Meraki Sports Analytics is ready to try and help you beat it. Whether it's the NFL, the NBA, CFB, CBB, NHL, Soccer, UFC, CFL, Tennis or Golf, MSA has you covered.

Release Times: Most football plays will be released from Tue-Fri before the weekend begins. For daily sports, when possible, selections will be posted the previous evening. Daily cards are typically complete before noon eastern.

Number of Plays: Every day, clients can expect an average of 3-5 plays, → 2-3 during most of the MLB season (summer) → 4-7 on Sat/Sun for football. Based on last year's numbers, about 65% of selections will be a Side Bet (SU/ATS,) 32% of plays will be Total Bets, and 3% will be Prop Selections or Futures. Customers can also expect the occasional 1H or 1st 5 innings selection from MSA.

Almost all selections will range in between 7*-10*. The biggest receive a 10* rating. Each selection, regardless of strength, is supported by logical reasoning.  

Welcome to Meraki Sports Analytics, expect greatness

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